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Search Engine Reputation Management



Put yourself in safe hands – our Search Engine Reputation Management specialists are at the ready to ensure your brand is in the spotlight for only the right reasons. 

High profile people have always needed effective body guard services to protect them against unwanted attention when out in public. Similarly, your company or personal brand needs guaranteed protection when it comes under fire from bad publicity.

Enter Your Brand Guard – we have the proven online ‘muscle’ to keep your business safe from negative press when people do a Google search for your name, product or service.

Current statistics show that as many as 91% of people use search engines to find information online, while approximately 85% of all search engine users read reviews and comments relating to local businesses they are potentially interested in. 

Although the Internet is a fantastic tool to raise your brand profile and bring more business to your doorstep, it can also be a devastating weapon – one unfortunate incident linked to your name in the press can sit on page one of search engines indefinitely, doing major damage to your brand reputation, putting consumers off choosing your products/services and giving your competitors the leading edge.

Your Brand Guard is on hand to prevent negative press from tarnishing your public appeal. Our services, grounded in extensive online marketing expertise, provide nothing less than a heavyweight knockout punch when it comes to bad publicity.

View our Corporate and Personalreputation management sections to find out how we keep brands robustly protected online – with proven effectiveness, ethical practice and complete discretion always a given.

Why Choose Your Brand Guard?​​

  • World-class expertise from online specialists with a proven track record.
  • Added value (positive press sinks bad publicity PLUS it boosts brand appeal).
  • Discretion guaranteed.
  • Ethical practice assured.